Press Release

Rokko Launches 2nd Generation RS8000GTI Hybrid Jig Saw Machine Integrated with High Speed Pick and Place Vision Check To Meet Over 100K UPH Breakthrough.

ROKKO is pleased to share with all our valued customers our 2nd Generation-RS8000GTI (Gen2-8000GTI) Jig Saw Singulation System with enhanced Hybrid dicing and sorting capabilities for Leadless packages like QFN, DFN and LGA packages but also applicable to small outline Leaded molded packages like SOIC, TSSOP and SOT.

The Gen2 -8000GTI Hybrid Jig Saw model is designed to deliver extremely High Speed Vision and Pick and Place stability in mass production mode.

ROKKO has invested heavily to develop the world’s 1st Generation Gen1-8000GTI model in 2018 with the objective to create a ‘game changer’ equipment designed for the Semiconductor back-end packaging industry.

The Gen2-8000GTI model share the same pedigree as the Gen1- 8000GTI model and it comes with many breakthrough technology and unique design for pick and place with high speed vision stability to achieve the benchmark target of over 100K UPH breakthrough.

The Gen2 – 8000GTI Jig Saw machine also shared the extensive portfolios of RS8000 series Intellectual Property Asset with patent granted and patent pending applications as follow :
PCT Application #: PCT/SG2008/000200.
PCT Publication #: WO 2009/128786 A2.
China Application #: ZL 2008 8 0129952.6.
Philippines Application #: 1/2010/501239.
Singapore Application #: 200802888-8.
PCT Application # : PCT/SG/2018/050401.
Patent Pending: WO 2019/032048 A1.
USA Patent Pending #  : US-2020-0170119-A1.
Taiwan Patent Pending # : TW201910018 A.
Singapore Patent Application # : 10202012571R.

On the final note, safety comes first and we would like to express our deepest gratitude to all key employees that worked through the pandemic to support our partners and customers.It’s a difficult time indeed with many facing risk daily and we have lost too many, people with families, friends and loved ones.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone.

Until we meet again.

Please Stay Safe.