New Product Introduction: Aztec Model

Rokko Systems, the Auto Vision and Robotics segment today announced the mass production
machine for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding and Sorting Process product, the Aztec
Model. It is a series of Pick and Place machine with ability to deliver effective EMI Shielding solution.

Main Key Features:

  • High Productivity of 15,000 UPH
  • 8”~ 12” Wafer applicable
  • Patented RUBICON Pickers
  • Multi units pick up
  • Vision Sorting System (6 Sides Quattro Vision)
  • Linear Motor Driven for Picker transfer
  • Multiple axis for Sorting Picker Module
  • Two Stage for Cassette Magazines (Loading / Unloading)
  • Flexible to all package type –BGA / LGA / SIP / MCM and other

To learn more about the new product, contact us at +65-67495885 or email