Semicon Show China 2008 Update

Rokko’s Latest Generation RS8000 Series Twin-Track Package Sawing Singulation System received tremendous interest during the just concluded Semicon Show China 2008.

RS8000 Series Twin-Track Package Sawing Singulation System offers to double the current conventional Single-Track Sawing Dicer’s output (UPH) with just one single machine platform.

RS8000 Series is revolutionary in design that not only doubles the output (UPH) and yet conventional in its maintenance approach by keeping all the proven features of Rokko’s first generation user-friendly and top performance RS7000 series platform.

The smart concept of common ‘conversion kit’ utilization where older generation RS7000 Series conversion kits can be utilized 100% compatible to the new generation RS8000 Series. It is the hallmark of Rokko’s innovative and unique tooling design capabilities.

Furthermore, the RS8000 Series is capable to handle small QFN and BGA cutting option efficiently, couples with outstanding performance of > 20,000 UPH and a proven yield of > 99.97 percent. It shall guarantee the lowest cost of ownership (COO) unmatched in the market place today.

For the first time in history, Rokko’s valued customers have the option to integrate Disco’s Twin Track Sawing Dicer or Accretech’s Twin Track Sawing Dicer as their preferred dicer onto Rokko’s RS8000 series.

It reflects the unique strength of Rokko as the undisputable technology leader who has the courage to invest in R&D, introduce innovative ideas and deliver the breakthrough technology highly anticipated by our valued customers and industry at large.

Rokko has received more than 10 machines order for its RS8000 Series Twin Track Package Singulation Systems since its official launching in January 2008, a vote of confidence that RS8000 Series from Rokko is your ultimate choice for Package Sawing Singulation Solution.

* Pictures shown RS 8000 Series machine integrated with package dicer Disco Model : 6750R.

* Pictures shown RS 8000 Series machine integrated with package dicer from Accretech Model : PS280R.

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